The Couples Clinic


Couple’s therapy sessions attract fees dependent on the type of therapy undertaken, either Standard, Extended, or Intensive consultations. Typically, your practitioner will recommended the most appropriate treatment process following the initial assessment and diagnostic phase of therapy. Practitioners determine this based on the couple’s circumstances and presenting concerns. Early in treatment, it is not uncommon to meet for Extended or Intensive consultations.

The fees for Marathon Therapy include questionnaires and approximately 14-15 hours of counselling, which includes individual meetings with each partner and two full days of couple therapy.

Standard Consultation (50-60 mins)


Extended Consultation (90 mins)*


Intensive Consultation (120 mins)*


Marathon Therapy (weekday)*


Marathon (weekend)*


* Extensive research has been undertaken on the effectiveness of couple’s therapy. The outcomes from this research supports that the more intensive the therapeutic intervention, the greater the outcomes for couples.