The Couples Clinic practitioners are both Certified Gottman Therapists and registered Psychologists who specialise in marital and relationship therapy. The Gottman Method is the gold standard approach to relationship counselling and Kasia and Brett have completed the highest level of therapeutic training and accreditation with The Gottman Institute. We have seen remarkable success working with couples of all presentations and complexities and we are highly regarded in our field.   

Marital and relationship therapy attract fees dependent on the type of therapy undertaken, either Standard or Immersive (Marathon) programs. We have provided the following information to best inform what might best suit your relationship needs. 

The Assessment Phase 

An assessment phase precedes all couples therapy with The Couples Clinic. This includes the confidential completion of clinical online assessments by each partner, followed by a joint interview with both (all) parties (50-60mins) to discuss the history of your relationship and what has changed over time, followed by individual interviews (30mins per partner). These individual sessions give you the opportunity to speak confidentially about your personal history and relationship goals. Your therapist will recommended the most appropriate treatment process following the initial assessment and diagnostic phase of therapy. 

Standard Couples Therapy

  • Assessment Phase – $600
  • Treatment Phase – Sessions of 120 minutes are booked weekly or fortnightly until the relationship is showing improvement in line with treatment goals and all parties agree to move to maintenance mode. Session fee (120 minutes) – $380
  • Maintenance Phase – Sessions of 60 minutes are to follow the treatment phase. These sessions allow couples to touch base with their therapist to ensure their integration of relationship counselling interventions are effective in real-time and over the course of time. Session fee (60 minutes) – $20After hours’ and weekend sessions attract a slight surcharge on top of the above mentioned rates.

Extensive research has been undertaken on the effectiveness of relationship therapy. The outcomes from this research supports that the more intensive the therapeutic intervention, the greater the outcomes for couples. Evidence informs our practice and our approach to marital and relationship counselling and is the rationale for how we structure our treatment phase.  

Immersive (Marathon) Therapy 

Immersive (Marathon) Therapy is fast becoming one of the most popular and successful approaches to helping couples through a relationship crisis. It is an approach most suited to couples presenting with significant relationship distress. In-person Immersive Therapy usually consists of two (2) consecutive days of intense, structured, evidence-based couples therapy. We also offer Mini Marathon Sessions (half-days) for those who may feel overwhelmed or unable to sustain the two days of Immersive Therapy. 

  • Assessment Phase – $600 
  • Immersive Therapy (2 x consecutive days / weekday) – $1,500 per day 
  • Immersive Therapy (2 x consecutive days / weekends or Public Holidays) – $1,750 per day
  • Mini Marathon Sessions (4 x hours / weekday) – $800 per session
  • Mini Marathon Sessions (4 x hours / weekend) – $1,000 per session

The fees for Immersive Therapy and Mini Marathons include the therapists’ time (2.5-3 hours) to review all assessment information and then provide the nominated number of hours in a block of evidence-based relationship counselling. 


If you have Private Health Insurance, please check with your insurer regarding rebates. The item number for relationship therapy is 300. Please note that Medicare does not provide rebates for couples or marriage therapy. 


All payments at The Couples Clinic are automated and we do not store cash or hold EFTPOS facilities on site. We will collect confidential payment details via our secure online intake forms prior to any consultations. Halaxy is our practice management software platform. All payment and health data is stored electronically on Halaxy and thus protected by bank-grade security and encryption. Payment for the assessment phase and any immersive (marathon) therapy option is required in full prior to any appointments being scheduled. Payment for treatment and maintenance sessions are automated to be deducted 30 minutes in to your session. All payments are required in full at the time of your consultation.  

Cancellation Policy

We require a minimum of 48 hours’ business days’ notice to cancel or reschedule a session. Both (all) parties will receive both a reminder email and text message a minimum of 2 days’ prior to your appointment to assist you in managing your commitments. A cancellation fees of 100% of the consultation fee will be charged if an appointment is missed, forgotten about, or cancelled within 2 business days’ notice. (i.e. If your appointment is scheduled on a Monday morning, you need to advise us by Friday morning that you will not be able to attend).

Marital and relationship treatment sessions require attendance by all parties as the “client” is the relationship. Sessions will not proceed where there is non-attendance by any party/ partner and the requisite session fee will be charged appropriately.