Pre-marital Therapy

Choosing to commit to the person you love through the union of marriage can be a joyous occasion. Many couples take the step of engaging in counselling prior to marriage to ensure they are on the right track, and to future-proof themselves for the challenges that lie ahead. It can also be a great opportunity to express relationship challenges in a safe and comfortable setting, whilst also learning communication and connection tools to help have your needs met by your partner.

New couples also have to navigate relationships with people outside of the immediate partnership. Friends, external family members, children, work colleagues and exes can be a source of healthy or unhealthy relationships that a couple may need to navigate through and align on boundaries or expectations upfront. 

Further, getting married isn’t always the wedded bliss others portray. It is often a tense and challenging time for a couple. Continually re-focusing your energy and attention back on to the relationship is essential for a lasting and satisfying marriage, not just ensuring the day goes off without a hitch. This is a skill that relationship Masters enact regularly.