The Couples Clinic

Marathon Therapy

Research has shown that relationship counselling is most effective when treatment is undertaken as frequently and intensely as possible. As such, couples are encouraged to attend counselling on a regular basis to gain most benefit from the treatment. To support this, our Senior Relationship Psychologists offer Marathon Therapy, whereby couples are invited to engage in counselling for two full consecutive days.

Couples who engage in this kind of therapy quickly learn about those factors creating disconnect in their relationship and the best strategies to address their problems and grow together. Our process is intensive and both trains and coaches couples in practical skills to use moving forward.

For more information, please contact our office to discuss further. Marathon Couples Therapy needs to be booked in advance as our Relationship Psychologists devote two full consecutive days to the couple and online questionnaires need to be completed prior to the therapy commencing. Weekend and Public Holiday availability is available upon request.