Immersive (Marathon) Therapy

Research has shown that relationship counselling is most effective when treatment is undertaken as frequently and intensely as possible. As such, Immersive Therapy is highly beneficial for couples needing to resolve a specific crisis or who are in distress.

Immersive (Marathon) Therapy is a structured counselling program of two consecutive days resulting in a reduction of distress, resolution of specific problems and a stronger connection. This style of therapy is fast becoming one of the most popular and successful approaches to helping couples through relationship crisis. 

The Gottman Method is the gold standard approach to relationship counselling. As Certified Gottman Couples Therapists, Kasia Gordon and Brett Somers have completed the highest level of therapeutic training and accreditation with The Gottman Institute. We specialise in working directly and intensely with couples of all presentations to resolve specific issues or repair past incidents. 

We also offer Mini Marathon sessions of 3.5-4 hours for those who might struggle to sustain two consecutive days of therapy. These more intensive service offerings are are very helpful for time-poor couples who would have trouble attending regular sessions. 

Couples on the brink of separation often turn to Immersive Therapy as a necessary course of repair for their relationship. They are often quite surprised by how successful and positive their connection can be once given a chance. Immersive Therapy provides partners with a very clear roadmap about how they intend to move forward in their relationship. 

All Immersive Therapy programs are preceded by an Assessment Phase which includes the confidential completion of clinical online assessments by each partner (The Gottman Relationship Check-Up and The Couples Clinic Questionnaire). Once these are completed we hold a joint interview with both (all) parties (50-60mins) to discuss the history of your relationship and what has changed over time, followed by individual interviews (30mins per partner). These individual sessions give you the opportunity to speak confidentially about your personal history and relationship goals. Your therapist will recommended the most appropriate treatment process from there. 

Immersive (Marathon) Therapy is not suitable for all. Certain relationship presentations can contra-indicate both Immersive and Benchmark Couples Therapy. In these instances, your practitioner will recommend individual counselling or another clinically appropriate option as a necessary step prior to marital or relationship counselling.