The Love Lab

Over 30 years ago, John Gottman opened the “Love Lab” at the University of Washington. Since then, researchers have studied thousands of couples, using state of the art, high tech processes, to determine the science of relationships. Now located in Seattle, the Love Lab continues to research and understand couples, to ensure the science of relationships is constantly fine-tuned.

When analysing the science of relationships, many factors are considered. Specifically, researchers look at heart rate and blood pressure, and how these change in individuals when conflict ensues between partners. In addition, subtle changes in facial expression are observed, and skin conductance is monitored. When couples are interacting in the lab, the language they use and how they speak to their partner is also considered. All of these approaches, in addition to others, helps researchers understand the differences between relationship Masters or Disasters.

As clinicians, this research is utilised to move individuals and couples towards Masters territory. Becoming a relationship Master is not an easy process. However, with the right coaching and counselling, most are successfully able to learn the skills required. Implementing behaviours consistent with a Master is highly correlated with a successful and lasting relationship. Most Disasters eventually separate, and often learn unhelpful and destructive relationship behaviours whilst remaining in a disconnected relationship.

The Couples Clinic offers dynamic intervention which is aligned with the research undertaken at the Love Lab. To learn what it takes to be a Relationship Master, contact us.