Affairs, Infidelity & Betrayals

It is very common that couples will engage a therapist following a betrayal or an affair.  Of all the difficulties individuals experience in a relationship, betrayal is possibly the most traumatic. Like any trauma, a betrayal or affair takes time to repair. The person who you trust most in the world has made a decision to cause hurt. This leads to sadness, anger, feelings of inadequacy, and sometimes depression. Betrayal is not always in the form of physical infidelity. Emotional infidelity is as damaging and erodes trust in the same way.

Building trust following a betrayal or affair takes time and enormous effort. The good news is, trust can be repaired and couples can overcome betrayal. The three phase “Gottman Trust Revival Method” followed by our therapists has been proven to build trust and help couples repair their relationship following a betrayal or breach of trust.



 “Betrayal is, fundamentally, any act or life choice that doesn’t prioritise the commitment and put the partner before all others. Nonsexual betrayals can devastate a relationship as thoroughly as a sexual affair.”

John Gottman, PH.D.